Sanctification as Gospel-Based Holiness

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Sanctification as Gospel-Based Holiness

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Title: Sanctification as Gospel-Based Holiness
Author: Rickmond, Heath S.
Advisor: Rickmond, Heath S.
Abstract: ABSTRACT


Heath Shannon Rickmond, Ph.D.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2013

Chair: Dr. Chad O. Brand

This dissertation examines the progressive nature of sanctification in both evangelical Lutheran theology and evangelical Reformed theology. Chapter 1 describes sanctification from a Reformed and Lutheran perspective and says one must develop an understanding of sanctification that glorifies God through the principles of sola gratia and sola fide. Attention is given to the important contributions of both sides and an approach is proposed that favors the Lutheran position, but with some important insights contributed by Reformed theology.

Chapter 2 begins with an analysis of Luther's theology in general and sanctification in particular. It continues to investigate some important modern, evangelical Lutherans who represent a justification-based sanctification grounded in a theology of the cross.

Chapter 3 examines Calvin's theology in general and sanctification in particular. It continues to investigate some important modern evangelical Reformed theologians who present a more progression-focused sanctification that is grounded in union with Christ.

Chapter 4 addresses the relevant biblical text of Romans 6 used by theologians to talk about sanctification. A biblical-theological approach is given that prepares the way for evaluating and proposing a theology of sanctification that is gospel-based.

Chapter 5 evaluates the benefits of Lutheran and Reformed approaches while seeking to synthesize insights from both to form a coherent, biblically faithful approach to talking about progression in the doctrine of sanctification.

Date: 2013-05-30

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