Striving for Souls by the Power of God: The Life of Amzi Clarence Dixon

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Striving for Souls by the Power of God: The Life of Amzi Clarence Dixon

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Title: Striving for Souls by the Power of God: The Life of Amzi Clarence Dixon
Author: Mayfield, Jeffrey
Advisor: Wills, Gregory A.
Abstract: The dissertation is a summary of the life and ministry of A. C. Dixon. The

first chapter is a brief introduction of A. C. Dixon. While Dixon's fundamentalist

identity is affirmed, this introduction explains how this dissertation intends to improve

upon the current historiography: Dixon was a pastor-evangelist first, and his defense of

the faith was in support of this first priority.

Chapter 2 is a general overview of the life and church ministry of A. C.

Dixon. The chapter explains his ties with persons, institutions and movements of

academic interest. This chapter shows how Dixon's life must be understood in the

context of church work. Except for a few years, Dixon's adult life was spent at the head

of a church, leading Christians to serve God through the spreading of the gospel.

Chapter 3 focuses on the pastoral ministry of Dixon. It gives some idea of

what Dixon was like as a pastor: his preaching, his ministry focus, and his leadership

style. Attention is given to Dixon's promotion of the church through advertisement and

newspaper articles.

Chapter 4 explores Dixon's extensive evangelism efforts. Though he desired

to see conversions through the work of his local church, Dixon worked to organize

widespread evangelistic campaigns in the cities in which he lived.

Chapter 5 demonstrates Dixon's firm belief in the power of God and the

necessity of that power for any ministry. The focus is on prayer and the enduement of

the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 6 covers a broad section of the rest of Dixon's life. All of his life was

lived out in the context of pastoral ministry. This background informs Dixon's public

statements and activities. Dixon believed that conversion happens through the power of

the Holy Spirit through the preaching of an authoritative word that led to his

involvement in The Fundamentals and his public opposition to liberal theology.

Chapter 7 concludes the dissertation, relating Dixon's ministry to various

fields of academic interest.

Date: 2010-12

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