Developing an Intercessory Prayer Ministry to Support Personal Evangelism at First Baptist Church, Roanoke, Texas

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Developing an Intercessory Prayer Ministry to Support Personal Evangelism at First Baptist Church, Roanoke, Texas

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Title: Developing an Intercessory Prayer Ministry to Support Personal Evangelism at First Baptist Church, Roanoke, Texas
Author: Barber, Bruce Allen
Advisor: Beougher, Timothy K.
Abstract: This project developed an intercessory prayer ministry to begin and support an evangelism ministry in a local church. Chapter 1 introduces this project by identifying its goals, context, rationale, and definitions and limitations. First Baptist Church Roanoke, Texas, is in a critical position that is far beyond the church's current conscious understanding. The neighborhood surrounding the church is radically changing, and the church must get on its knees and ask God for guidance and power to reach the Affluent Suburbia households that are unlike it educationally and financially.

Chapter 2 provides the biblical foundations for this project. The first half of this chapter reveals there is an Old Testament basis for God's worldwide plan of evangelism. The prophet Isaiah declares God gave Israel a divine call and an evangelistic mission to be a light to the Gentiles. King David discloses that God is sovereign and he hears and answers the prayers of his people as they seek to obey His revealed will. The Prophet Zechariah declares humanity finds God through His people--for God is with his people. The second half of this chapter reveals the New Testament basis for developing an evangelistic intercessory prayer ministry. The apostle Paul and Jesus taught and modeled the interrelatedness of intercessory prayer and evangelism. Through earnest, consistent, and compassionate prayer, Christians, in the power of the Holy Spirit, will fulfill the Great Commission.

Chapter 3 addresses the potentially confusing nature of prayer. Deciding upon the absolute sovereignty of God is the first step to clarification and power in prayer. Alpha-Omega Prayer operates with the understanding that the Father calls and prepares hearts to pray while the Holy Spirit initiates prayer within the believer. The benefits of Alpha-Omega Prayer in the local church are its prophetic and priestly roles for intercessors. Alpha-Omega Prayer returns prayer to its rightful foundation, God, and it is a refreshing correction to the current anthropocentric nature of prayer.

Chapter 4 presents a detailed account of preparing the church to develop an intercessory prayer ministry to support the ministry of evangelism. A ten-week in the Discipleship Training class using Ogilvie's Conversation with God, a pre-test, a five-part sermon series, eight training seminars, and a post-test were used to equip volunteers and discover the project's affect on those volunteers.

Chapter 5 is an evaluation of the project's effectiveness in reaching its four goals. The project attempted to measure, inform, and positively enhance the volunteers' behavior, feelings, and beliefs about evangelism's dependence upon prayer. Finally, it also shares the paradigm shift this project caused within this writers personal life and ministry. Prayer will never be approached the same!

Date: 2011-05-17

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